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W-Auto Sync 104

1. **"VDA 2 PPA - Part Production Approval"** 2. **"VDA 6.3 Process Audit"** 3. **"VDA 6.5 Product Audit"** 4. **"Maturity Level Assurance (RGA)"** 5. **"CQI-8 - Layered Process Audits Guide"** 6. **"CQI-14 - Automotive Warranty Management"** 7. **"CQI-22 - Cost of Quality"** 8. **"Key Performance Indicators for Automotive Supply Chains"** 9. **"Business Continuity Planning for Automotive Supply Chains"** 10. **"Principles for Automotive Supply Chain Management"** These training courses cover various aspects of quality management, audits, supply chain, and warranty management within the automotive industry.