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W-Auto AuditPRO 105

1. **"1/2 Batch Internal Auditor Training"** 2. **"Integration of IATF Standards into Company Processes"** 3. **"Overview of IATF 16949 Certification Rules"** 4. **"Overview of External Audit Process (3rd Party)"** 5. **"Overview of IATF Certification and Audit Process"** 6. **"Overview of Auditor Competency for IATF"** 7. **"Quality Management Process"** 8. **"Quality Management Process - Specific Internal Audits"** 9. **"Quality Assurance Process - Specific Laboratory and Measurement Equipment Management"** 10. **"Supplier Management - Procurement - Supply Chain Process"** 11. **"Logistics and Delivery Process"** 12. **"Maintenance Process"** 13. **"Human Resources Process"** 14. **"Production Process"** 15. **"Management of Non-Conformities in External Audits"** These training courses cover various aspects of quality management, auditing, supply chain, and specific processes within the automotive industry.